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21. APEVIA Case Speaker


Case speaker cable for computer cases

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22. APEVIA HDD LED + Power LED Switch Combo


HDD LED and Power LED cables for computer cases

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23. APEVIA 1 x 24PIN TO 2 x 24PIN Cable

Item #: CVT24Y

Apevia Y-cable converts single 24pin motherboard connector to dual 24pin motherboard connectors. Twelve inches long, fully sleeved

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24. APEVIA Power 3 PIN TO 4 PIN Fan Converter (3pk)

Item #: CVT334

Apevia CVT334 converts a standard 3pin fan to 4pin Molex...

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25. APEVIA PCI-E Y splitter. 1 6pin to 2 6/8pin PCI Express converter.

Item #: CVT628

APEVIA CVT628 enables you to connect 2 PCI-E devices to a single PCI-E line. Fully sleeved.

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26. APEVIA USB 3.0 TO USB 2.0 Converter

Item #: CVTUSB32

Apevia CVTUSB32 converts a USB 3.0 connector to USB 2.0 connector...

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27. APEVIA USB 3.0 Extension Cable

Item #: CVTUSB3E35

Apevia High quality USB3.0 extension cable. Housing MotherBoard 20 pin Male to Female Extension Cable

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