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Reviewed Date: 3/15/2003
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APEVIA X-Dreamer II Metal Case w/ Side Window-Beige

modthebox With more and more manufacturer's offering economical pre-modded solutions, there are a few small luxuries that can make or break a case. Consumers now have a wide variety of different features which define overall case characteristics such as pre-modded windows, front port extensions, fan controllers and built-in thermal probes. Aspire Int'l Corp founded in March 1999 is a relatively new comer to the case market having branded their own series of custom products under the names of Turbo Case, Turbo Server and Turbo Gamer. Today in the MTB Labs, we will be taking an exclusive look at the latest product offering from Aspire, the TurboCase X-Dreamer. A product which features an pre-installed side window with 80mm LED fan, front port extensions and a back-lit temperature sensor.