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Lan Party Sponsor

Being in the computer gaming business for years, Apevia would like to provide the sponsorship to encourage the growth of gaming community and events. Please read the following requirements prior to completing the sponsorship application form:

  1. Apevia Corporate will only sponsor events within the continental US and Canada. For European LAN sponsorship, please contact us at:
  2. This sponsorship is for lan party and gaming event only.
  3. Lan party or gaming event should have greater than 100 participants.
  4. Request must be submitted 6 weeks prior to the event.
  5. You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit for any commercial purposes.
  6. All applications are handled on a case-by-case basis. Not all requests for lan party sponsorship will be granted.
  7. You will be informed via e-mail once your application has been approved.
    f you are not informed, please assume that your application is not granted
  8. You agree to post Apevia logo or banner as a sponsor with a link to Apevia? website before and during the event on your website.
  9. One week after the event, you will provide 6 photos of the event covering the followings for Apevia? marketing and verification purpose:
    • (a) Apevia poster being displayed during the event
    • (b) Award ceremony of each Apevia winner
    • (C) Event pictures
    • (D) Event logo or your website logo that links to the event on your website
    • (E) Brief summery of the event in 200 words.
    Please submit the above (a) - (d) to
  10. Apevia sponsored items include posters, marketing items, accessories and hardware free of charge. Sponsored items are varied depending on the size of the event.
LAN Party Sponsorship Request Form
Organization Information
Organization Name: Event Name:
Event Website:
Event Location: Event Date/Time:
Contact Name: Contact Email:
Contact Telephone: Contact Fax:
Expected Number of Registered Attendees:
Current Number of Registered Attendees:
Number of Events Hosted since Founded:
Average Number of Attendees for each Event in the Past:
Shipping Information
City: State / Province:
Zip / Postal Code: Country:
Please provide a brief description of your event:
Please list other sponsors to this event:
Please list games or activities to be held in this event:
Will you print out flyers to promote your event? Yes
Will you have web banners to promote your event? Yes
Will you publish or email-blast to promote your event? Yes
Will Press Media be present for this event? Yes
Will you have vendor or sponsor booths for the event? Yes
How will you promote Apevia in this event?

By submitting this application I certify that I have read and fully understood the criteria for sponsorship and agree to abide by it. I certify that I am an authorized representative of this organization/event.

I furthermore agree that all materials, information and photographs I submit to APEVIA under the terms of this agreement are copyright free and all pictured participants waive all rights to said materials and authorize the use and reproduction by APEVIA for promotional purposes in print and on their web.

Clicking the Submit Button signals your agreement and will automatically email your info.