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  1. Question:
    I tried mounting an optical drive behind the "drop-down" door using your X-Master case, but the drive does not fit. Is there a solution?


    Yes. The drive rails have numbered notches on them and can be adjusted for use with drives of various lengths. The case should have included two pairs of drive rails; One with the screws in notch #2, used for installing a 5 1/4" drive behind the drop-down drive cover. The other with screws in notch #5, used to install a drive without use of a drive cover.

  2. Question:
    What are the size limits of the CPU coolers that can be used in X-QPack series cases?


    CPU coolers to be installed to the X-QPack in the neighborhood of 76mm and under. Larger heatsinks may fit with some modding. Also be aware that even though height of the cooler is ok that the layout may be in conflict with the case. Here are a few coolers known to fit into the X-QPack series: Blue Orb II, CNPS7000, CNPS7700, CNPS8000.

  3. Question:
    How do I purchase spare parts for my case?


    Please refer back to your original dealer first and see if they can accommodate your need(s). If they don't have the particular part(s) you're inquiring about and you need it directly from Apevia, please call our customer support line at 909-718-0789 or simply email our customer service at (



  4. Question:
    I just got a case from Apevia and tried to turn on the power supply but it won't power up, is the power supply dead?


    There is the possibility that you’ve received of receiving a power supply that is DOA. Let’s find out:

    1.      The 1st thing to make sure of is that you placed a set of ‘standoff’ screws in between the motherboard and the motherboard tray. If not, the power supply may short to the case and prevent startup, and can possibly cause damage to components.

    2.      Create a short on the main power supply connector (20|24-pin). You can do this using a paperclip. With the power supply OFF,  use a paperclip bent into a “U” shape and insert one end into the position of the single green (PSON#) wire, and insert the other end into any of the adjacent black (COM) wires. Make sure that you do not touch the paper clip after you turn the unit back on. This should trigger the power supply into the ON state. Internal LEDs will be lit and fan(s) will spin if the PSU is functional. If not, either the fan(s) or the power supply itself is faulty. Example

    3.      Swap out the power supply with a known, functional power  supply. If the system is stable while using the backup, we can deduct that the issue lies within the new unit. Please contact to request an RMA.

    4.      Test the power supply using a digital multimeter, or a power supply tester. Apevia offers a tool (PST-03) that can assist in power supply testing. 

  5. Question:
    I bought an Apevia mid tower case with a 350 watts power supply and it's not sufficient for my system. What other power supply that Apevia makes that's bigger than a 350 watts and will fit into this mid tow case?


    You can buy the Apevia ATX-AS550W (Chameleon), ATX-MR450W (Concord) or the ATX-MR500 (Concord) and it will fit perfectly into those mid tower cases without having to remove the top fan since the ATX-AS500W and ATX-AS520W are made for the larger case (full tower).

  6. Question:
    How do I know if the motherboard I want will fit into an Apevia ATX cases?


    The ATX form factor is a standard used to ensure compatibility between components produced by different manufacturers. Apevia's cases support ATX boards up to 12” x 11” and Micro ATX (µATX) boards. 

  7. Question:
    What are the polarities of the various front panel case leads?


     Polarity can be determined by the looking at the lead. Leads having “KSP”, and a small triangular marking “▲” indicate a negative(-) polarity wire. If your case leads do not have “KSP” printed on them, but the triangle is present then this indicates a positive(+) wire. Some leads may simply have a “G” on them. The “G” refers to a ground(-) wire.

  8. Question:
    Some of your mid-tower cases have a fan on the top panel. This will limit the size of power supply that can be installed. What is the maximum length power supply that can be installed in these cases?


    The power supply you choose to install should not exceed approximately 5.75” or 146mm. In order to fit a larger power supply, you would need to first remove and rotate the top panel 180°. This will position the fan over the optical drives, and will allow approximately 8” for the power supply of your choice. 

    However, please note that there are two versions of top panels. One has its fan directly in the center of the panel. If this is the case then the above suggestion will not work.  

  9. Question:
    How do you get the LCD temperature display on the X-Dreamer I, X-Dreamer II, X-Infinity, X-Navigator and X-Super Alien to work?


    Look for a red/black twisted wire that leads to a 4 pin 12V molex connector with an input and output (male/female). Take the input (male) connector to the power supply's 12V 4pin molex output (female) connector. Note: After hooking the red/black wire input (male) connector to the power supply , your output on the temperature display (red/black) wire becomes an open gate for a daisy chain link. I.E. Fans, LED lights etc

  10. Question:
    I hate Celsius! How do I get the X-QPack series' LCD to show temperatures in good old American Fahrenheit?


    Hey! There's nothing wrong with Celsius! In fact the PC industry and enthusiasts prefer the Celsius scale; but I digress! Here's how:

    It's as easy as 1, 2, 3! There is a temperature scale selector switch on the rear of the LCD:
        1. 1st remove the 3-sided cowling.
        2. Next, there are 4 screws that will need to be removed from the inside of the fornt panel.
        3. Last, release the 4 tabs at the corners of the panel and remove panel. Toggle the selector switch to display temperatures using the Fahrenheit scale.