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  1. Question:
    What are the size limits of the video cards that can be used in the X-QPack series cases?


    The X-QPack will accommodate PCI cards up to 10" / 254mm in length. The X-QPack2 accomodates cards up to approximately 10.5" / 267mm.

  2. Question:
    I can't hear any front panel audio. What's the deal?


    The X-Telstar's front panel audio cable supports HDA/Azalia. If your motherboard's onboard audio is of type AC'97 you will not be able to take advantage of the front panel audio unless your motherboard has a feature allowing it to revert to AC'97. There are 3rd party solutions that provide additional front panel audio ports and include AC'97 as well as HDA audio cables.

  3. Question:
    My X-Telstar's


    Some of our 1st batch of X-Telstars have an issue where the audio sensing wire is connected incorrectly. To fix, you must remove both side panels and then remove the front panel by releasing the 3 tabs on each side of the panel. Next, if you look a the rear of the LCD unit, you will notice a heatsink on the upper-left corner. Just to the right of the heatsink you will see a 4-pin cable (black/green/space/white). This cable needs to be removed and flipped 180° and placed back on the header (white/space/green/black). The volume meter will now register sound if detected.

  4. Question:
    How do I test Apevia's power supplies without having the 20pin/ (24pin) connector plugged to the motherboard?


    The only way to test and see if the power supply works is if the 20pin/ (24pin) connector is plugged to the motherboard. Or the only other way is the to have a power tester. Apevia offers that tool in the market modeled PST-01 you may refer back to your original dealer for pricing and availability.

  5. Question:
    Is it possible for me to upgrade to a standard ATX size power supply? (X-QPack)


    You can use a standard size ATX PSU with the X-QPack provided that your have short optical drives installed (6.7"  / 170mm) It will be a tight fit, but using SATA drives will prove easier to work with than IDE drives. The X-QPack2 comes stock with a standard ATX PSU.

  6. Question:
    OK, the audio works, but my microphone does not, and I'm trying to play Medal of Honor... so what is the real deal?


    Disabling HDA and reverting to AC'97 should work, but may not be a desireable solution. This is an issue with the Intel/Realtek HDA protocol. Try updating to the latest HDA drivers.

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  7. Question:
    Are your power supplies single or dual rail?


    We carry single, dual, and even quad-rail power supplies. Rail quantity and their corresponding current ratings can be found in each unit’s ‘specifications’ section.

  8. Question:
    My motherboard does feature High Definition Audio... so what is the real deal?


    If your motherboard supports HDA/Azalia audio, then it may have been disabled in the BIOS. Refer to your motherboard documentation for info about BIOS options.