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  1. Question:
    I bought an Apevia mid tower case with a 350 watts power supply and it's not sufficient for my system. What other power supply that Apevia makes that's bigger than a 350 watts and will fit into this mid tow case?


    You can buy the Apevia ATX-AS550W (Chameleon), ATX-MR450W (Concord) or the ATX-MR500 (Concord) and it will fit perfectly into those mid tower cases without having to remove the top fan since the ATX-AS500W and ATX-AS520W are made for the larger case (full tower).

  2. Question:
    How do I test Apevia's power supplies without having the 20pin/ (24pin) connector plugged to the motherboard?


    The only way to test and see if the power supply works is if the 20pin/ (24pin) connector is plugged to the motherboard. Or the only other way is the to have a power tester. Apevia offers that tool in the market modeled PST-01 you may refer back to your original dealer for pricing and availability.

  3. Question:
    Is it possible for me to upgrade to a standard ATX size power supply? (X-QPack)


    You can use a standard size ATX PSU with the X-QPack provided that your have short optical drives installed (6.7"  / 170mm) It will be a tight fit, but using SATA drives will prove easier to work with than IDE drives. The X-QPack2 comes stock with a standard ATX PSU.

  4. Question:
    Are your power supplies single or dual rail?


    We carry single, dual, and even quad-rail power supplies. Rail quantity and their corresponding current ratings can be found in each unit’s ‘specifications’ section.